Coon Rapids Announces New ‘Passport To Coon Rapids’ To Promote Local Businesses And Attractions

The City of Coon Rapids announced a new marketing strategy to encourage people to shop and visit the community during a Facebook Live reveal Wednesday afternoon. In the video, Shelly Greving from Emerge Marketing Solutions debuted the Passport to Coon Rapids. The passport highlights 13 Coon Rapids attractions and 54 businesses within the community. Greving says using the passport also provides a bonus to shoppers.

Each passport turned in gives participants a chance to win “Coon Bucks” from the Coon Rapids Development Group. According to Greving, shoppers have just over a month before the first drawing on Nov. 24.

Dec. 22 will be a grand prize drawing for $500 in Coon Bucks. The drawings are tentatively scheduled to become monthly events going into 2018. Passports to Coon Rapids can be located at participating Coon Rapids businesses. A link to the video can be found included below this story.


Coon Rapids Facebook Page

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