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(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 2, 2015) Houston, TX — The purpose of content marketing is to attract, engage and keep prospective clients. Businesses must create content to provide practical solutions to problems the customer is facing – be it for business-to-business or for business-to-consumer purposes. Content, whether it is in audio, infographics, text or video, must be relevant, engaging, and most importantly informative.

To help marketers, EmailWire, the global newswire with multi-media press release distribution services presents « Content Marketing: 11 Steps to Engage, Entertain, and Inform: »

This publication provides step by step how to keep audience engaged, entertained, and informed with content.

According to the authors of the guide, “great content isn’t just about producing a well written piece. It’s about addressing your audience’s relevant pain points and showing that you understand their needs.”

The guide helps business owners, marketers or marketing departers:
– Create an effective content strategy
– Focus on the key elements that comprise of attention grabbing content
– Make your content impactful with some key writing tips

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