Conservative group uses online video to blast Bush

A conservative group is launching an online ad blasting Jeb Bush for “heaping praise” on Hillary Clinton, a charge that ignores the context of his words.

ForAmerica, which has run a previous ad against Bush, said the new video would be sent to seven million supporters through web and social media sources.

The video shows a number of Republicans, including Marco Rubio, criticizing Clinton then fades to Bush, who is at a podium thanking Clinton and her husband for their public service.

What viewers aren’t told is the event is from 2013. Bush was acting in his role as chairman of the National Constitution Center’s board, which gave Clinton an award for her advocacy on behalf of women.

“Hillary and I come from different political parties, and we disagree about lots of things, but we agree on the wisdom of the American people — especially those in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina, » Bush joked at the time, referring to the states he and Clinton would compete in if they enter the 2016 presidential race.

An an all-but-declared presidential candidate, Bush has doled out his share of Clinton bashing. But the video could still hurt him among ardent conservatives already turned off to him over Common Core and immigration. Bush’s participation in the 2013 event caused a backlash at the time.

“Mr. Bush is unelectable and there are several better options for conservatives and Republicans if they want to win in 2016. Period, » ForAmerica’s Chairman Brent Bozell said in a a news release. “By heaping praise on Hillary Clinton, Mr. Bush has handed her the ammo to bury him…and she will. No other potential GOP nominee has that fatal disadvantage. »

The group says it has about 120,000 supporters in Iowa, 33,000 in New Hampshire, 146,000 in South Carolina and 443,000 in Florida.

ForAmerica, formally America, Inc., is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, also called a “dark money” group because it does not have to disclose the names of donors.

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