Conde Nast Launches Online Video Channel For Italian Viewers

During its 2015 Newfronts presentation, Conde Nast Entertainment announced Vida Belleza, a channel that will expand its collection of high-quality videos to the Latino world. Now, Conde Nast has launched another international expansion: It’s called CNLive, and it’s a collaboration with Italy’s RAI Cinema.

RAI Cinema, the filmmaking wing of the state-owned broadcaster RAI, will use the new hub to offer bonus content related to the movies it distributes, according to Variety. In addition, a quick trip to CNLive reveals a wide variety of Italian-language videos across categories like News, Fashion, and TV.

A CNLive YouTube channel also exists, though it has been dormant since posting its channel trailer almost one year ago:

CNLive joins Conde Nast’s library of online content, much of which is highlighted on The Scene, a destination launched by Conde Nast Entertainment last year. The Scene collects videos from across CNE’s network of online video channels, which includes 18 digital homes for Conde Nast-owned publications.

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