CMO Digital: What to add to your marketing reading list

In episode #9 of CMO Digital, Fawn and Jim are comparing their reading lists for the start of 2015 to stay on top of the marketing field of knowledge.

Jim’s waiting for The Wallet Allocation Rule to come out in February, authored by Timothy Keiningham, global chief strategy officer of Ipsos Loyalty. Keiningham kicks off his book with a surprising – and to some marketers perhaps even shocking revelation – customer satisfaction is not related to company growth or market share. Despite this, many marketers are relying on metrics measuring customer satisfaction to defend their value to a company. Instead, Keiningham says marketers must compare how they rank compared to competitors in the minds of customers. He even has a handy formula you can use to derive market share based on your company’s rank.

Until that comes out, Fawn recommends a new report from Constellation Research. The Elements of Business Architecture for Digital Transformation is a survey of more than 200 CxOs and it identifies 10 boardroom priorities for 2015. Can you guess what’s on top of the list? Find out in the video.

Also a shout out to Stewart Wong, vice-president of communications at The Arthritis Society. He’s been a big help in contributing to some of our content features, including a recent evaluation of Facebook’s marketing predictions for 2015.

What’s on your reading list for 2015? Let us know by leaving a comment below, or tweet as at CMODigital on Twitter.

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