CMO Digital: Understanding the customer journey

In CMO Digital episode #10, Fawn and Jim are looking to understand their customers’ journey through digital touch points – Fawn’s looking at how other marketers are using digital tools to do this, and Jim thinks video is the key to connecting. released its annual State of Marketing survey and it looks like most CMOs have the customer journey at top of mind. In fact, most think it’s critical to have a cohesive journey and they’re putting a wide swath of technology to use to make sure that happens. There’s a couple of hints at how to be as effective as possible to put it all together, but you’ll have to watch the video to find them out.

Also, a look at personalized video – this new marketing trend takes the data a company has on their customer and uses it to tailor a video just for that person. Some examples of how this can be done to a very detailed degree are impressive, and Forrester Research shows that the results are powerful. Watch this week’s episode to see how it can be executed effectively.

Our shout out this week goes to Strahan McCarten, the CMO of Scalar Decisions. Check out McCarten’s CMO to Know feature to get to know him.

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