CloudLab, a new system for making online video presentations

CloudLab, a new system for making online video presentations

LabHipermedia, a spin-off with participation by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), has designed a technology that improves the learning experience of instructors and users who employ video as a teaching and learning tool.

The software is based on the use of a network where a database is located which stores hundreds of videos. « The enables filtering of a to create online presentations on any subject. Once these presentations are created, the users can download them via Dropbox to later view in their own pc, » explained the co-founder of LabHipermedia, Manuel Armenteros. In addition, this tool incorporates its own which enables videos to be viewed with options and tags, among its other functions.

Currently, this technology is being used by the FIFA, the UEFA and the European Handball Federation with a dual purpose: first, to help in training new instructors in introductory football referee courses; and secondly, as a tool to aid in refereeing. The tools offered by the company range from presentations with text and video to photographs, 2D and 3D animation, drone-filming, stereoscopic and self-assessment testing.

According to Juan Pedro Ramos, product manager at LabHipermedia, the way of teaching has changed very little over the years, but changes in technology are continually evolving. « Our aim is to apply new technologies to educational processes so that the educator as well as the learner can benefit from a more enriching experience. » These tools and materials offer great versatility that can be adapted to any educational or training area, « from schools and universities, to presentations at specialized conferences in medicine, engineering, sport, etc. »

LabHipermedia, a UC3M technology-based spinoff, is supported by the UC3M Science Park Business Incubator. It provides an integral solution for sport training and management, with experience in the development of tools for play analysis, as well as in creation of interactive presentations. At present, it is in the product expansion and commercialization phase.

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