Canelo Alvarez Vs Amir Khan Online Video: Watch Boxing Winner & Undercards In Live Stream Fight

Las Vegas will be the center where Saúl « Canelo » Alvarez will face off Amir Khan in a boxing match you won’t want to miss. The undercards preliminary matches start at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT, which you can watch below. For the main ticket, you can live stream online here for a fee. This fight is for the middleweight title that Alvarez won from Miguel Cotto in his last match. Who is your favorite to win tonight?

Canelo has been on fire lately and during a press conference he was asked about Donald Trump. “I don’t really like getting into political issues, but it hurts, it offends,” Alvarez said. “I would like him to understand us. When I’m out running, I see a lot of my countrymen working in the fields. They have not come here to rob and steal. We want to show him that we Mexicans come here to work hard and succeed and be victorious.” 

Canelo also weighed in about his fight against Khan saying: « As for everyone calling this a fight between his speed and my power, opponents don’t realize how fast I am until they get in the ring with me. »

Amir Khan is expected to make at least $2 million. “I’ve always wanted to be in a big fight, but if it was against someone who was too heavy and unbeatable, then it would be a problem,” Khan said.

“But I sat down and saw a few fights of Canelo’s and thought, ‘You know, this guy’s beatable. The last guy to beat him was Mayweather, who outboxed him and beat him. »

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