Can your insurance plan cover you like a good ‘bro’ does? Manulife asks

Manulife has created a new spot featuring titled “Cover Me Bro”, in partnership with Tribal Worldwide Singapore. This is to promote its Manulife Ready CompleteCare critical illness plan in a manner which is relatable and approachable to the younger generation.

The films centre around two buddies (or “bros”) facing different situations which see one guy having to go through to cover his absent friend repeatedly, be it work, money or even posing naked for an art class.

The videos also pose the question: “Who will cover for you again and again?” and run on 60-second and 15-second formats. The film’s themes aim to showcase Manulife’s introduction of a “restart” feature that covers their customers again and again following a claim.

Since its posting on Facebook, the video has garnered 522,883 views, over 1,800 reactions and 521 shares at the time of writing. Watch it here:

In a statement to Marketing, Cheryl Lim, VP head of branding, communications and sponsorships, Manulife Singapore, said that in this campaign, Manulife is aligning its product to a universal social context and adding local flavor in our execution to make it more relatable to Singaporeans.

“Everyone thinks of insurance campaigns as being very run-of-the-mill and product centric. We are taking on the challenge of breaking this stereotype by being insight and action driven. Our team is constantly finding fresh and interesting ways to show our wit and attitude, while staying relevant in a social and online context,” Lim added.

“We are excited that Manulife has trusted us to work on this un-insurance light-hearted film that brings to life an intangible product. We have a couple more campaigns lined up that are equally exciting and we can’t wait to launch them,” Joshua Lee, managing partner, Tribal Worldwide Singapore, said.

“Our target audience is not insurance-savvy and we wanted to engage them with a video that is simple, entertaining yet delivering a strong message of how Ready CompleteCare will cover you again and again. No jargons, no buzzwords,” Joel Chin, creative director, Tribal Worldwide Singapore, said.

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