Cadillac Flexes Its Content Marketing Muscles In ‘Indomitable’: Video

Cadillac’s “Dare Greatly” motif has searched long and hard for individuals and stories that run parallel with the comeback it’s planning on executing. Most recently, the brand took to Bayonne, New Jersey to highlight one of boxing’s finest stories: Chuck Wepner.

Wepner was tapped to fight reigning champion Mohammed Ali, but it was thought Wepner would be down for the count before five rounds at most.

Except, Wepner went toe-to-toe with Ali for all 15 rounds, even knocking him to the ground at one point. It’s a story of daring even when you’re not thought to be close to accomplishing what it may be.

That’s the story with the Cadillac division, as the American luxury marque tries to be the comeback story of a century. Distinctly American, full of energy and ready to position itself outside of the box.

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