Cadillac Exercises Marketing Genius, Shows Off Ciel In Entourage Movie: Video

HBO’s comedy-drama series Entourage has run its small-screen course, but a new movie due to be released next summer will continue the story. It’s set to feature all the familiar Entourage faces, plus a new big-screen star: the Cadillac Ciel.

That’s right; the folks at Road Track pointed out the sexy 2011 concept car, featured front-and-center in several shots throughout the new Entourage trailer. The car looks and feels quite at-home amongst the handful of equally plush, flashy cars, boats, and Hollywood personalities. That effortlessly cool appeal ought to go a long way in persuading a young urban professional audience that the Cadillac brand is a desirable alternative to the likes of Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.

Of course, thousands of teen and tween boys are undoubtedly taxing the internet’s search engines even as we write this, trying to ascertain the cost of a car which isn’t even for sale. But maybe the disappointment waiting at the dead end of their online research can be a boon to public perception, too; what’s more desirable than the (literally) unattainable?

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