Britons to spend some-more on online video than DVDs for initial time

Splitting out online and DVDs into a 5 categorical methods of accessing home video, many spend in 2016 will still go on shopping DVDs/Blu-ray, though that will dump 16% to £905 million.

Streaming subscription services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, follow subsequent and are a fastest-growing format, rising 36% to £742 million – or £1 in each £3 spent on home video. There are around 4.6 million Netflix households in Britain and 2.5 million with Amazon Prime. Around 20% of households who allow to a video streaming service, allow to during slightest two.

Video streaming subscriptions will be a widespread format from 2017 onwards and will comment for over half of consumer home video spend by a finish of 2021.

Downloading to lease will arise 8% to £338 million in 2016, downloading to buy will arise 16% to £234 million. Spend on renting DVDs will tumble 24% to £51 million, or only 2% of a market.

« Five years ago, DVDs represented 86% of consumer spend on home video, in 5 years it will be reduction than 14%, with DVD/Blu-ray let probably extinct, » says Michael Goodman, Strategy Analytics’ Digital Media Director. « As online provides augmenting ways to entrance films and box-sets, earthy simply can’t compete. Although many people will always cite a earthy disc, retailers will have to confirm either it’s even viable to offer that format in 5 years’ time. Many won’t and with reduction high travel players around, it will be online, ironically, that keeps DVDs on life support around e-commerce. »

Overall, a £2.27 billion Britons will spend on home video is a 3% arise on 2015 and a homogeneous of £6.63 per domicile a month. However, video promotion around streamed and downloaded calm will arise 23% to £593 million. Thus, altogether revenues for a home video marketplace will grow 6.6% to £2.86 billion.

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Report Author: Michael Goodman, +1 617 614 0769, 

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