Brightcove Audience Makes Video the New Foundation of Modern Marketing

BOSTON, Jul 29, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) —

BCOV, -2.52%

the leading provider of cloud services for
video, today announced general availability of Brightcove Audience, a
new feature in the Brightcove
Video Marketing Suite (VMS)
that connects video analytics directly
into Oracle Eloqua and Marketo marketing automation platforms, captures
leads, and translates video engagement data into contact tracking, lead
scoring, and customer segmentation. This feature allows marketers to
achieve better results by turning their video content into
highly-effective lead capture assets. The Brightcove integration is
certified by Oracle and is available in Oracle
Cloud Marketplace
. Marketo customers can access the Brightcove
integration in Marketo

Quantifying the Impact of Video in Modern Marketing

Brightcove Audience enables marketers to directly incorporate video
analytics into their marketing automation platform to quantify and
measure the impact of video as they would with any other marketing
asset. In just three clicks, Audience allows marketers to log into their
Oracle Eloqua or Marketo account directly from within the Brightcove
Video Marketing Suite, track video engagement data from Brightcove
players, and begin sending data to their marketing automation platform.

Benefits for marketers include:

  • Lead capture in the video player – Brightcove Audience gives
    marketers the ability to configure and add lead forms into the video
    player to capture lead information before, during or after the viewing
    session. This feature turns the most engaging piece of marketing
    content into a highly-effective lead generation asset.
  • Track engagement from any video player location – Audience
    includes the critical ability to capture leads and track video
    engagement data from any location where a Brightcove player is
    embedded, whether on a company website, marketing landing pages, or
    third-party sites.
  • Insight on audience engagement with data and analytics
    Audience associates video engagement data, such as name of video,
    percent watched, and who watched it, with a specific contact record
    and sends it to Oracle Eloqua or Marketo to inform lead scoring,
    segmentation, nurturing, and sales and marketing follow-up. Unlike
    simply tracking the download of a PDF or whitepaper, tracking video
    engagement reveals how much of the content a contact consumed.
  • Integration with Gallery for page level insight – When used
    with Gallery, Brightcove’s video portal publishing tool, Audience
    enables marketers to track page level analytics to understand how
    individual contacts interact with all video content throughout the
    customer journey. This information also connects with marketing
    automation platforms to provide a broad view of the customer
    interaction and complements data from specific videos.

About Brightcove Video Marketing Suite

Brightcove Video Marketing Suite (VMS) offers the most comprehensive
solution for organizations to publish and distribute video for brand
awareness, lead generation and conversion, internal communications, live
events, human resources, and training. VMS includes Video Cloud for
content ingest, playback, media management, publishing, and analytics,
Gallery for fast and easy publishing of video portals, and Audience for
lead tracking and scoring. All VMS customers have access to Audience.
Customers who do not have VMS can upgrade their accounts to gain access
to Audience.

Supporting quotes:

“Marketers know that video is the future of digital marketing, but they
have not had a solution to quantify video’s contribution to marketing
and sales. Brightcove Audience solves that problem by measuring video
engagement and collecting that data in a marketing automation platform
like any other marketing asset. Using Audience, marketers can now see
the specific data in Eloqua or Marketo that confirms what they already
intuit – that video is the most effective and compelling medium to
attract, engage, and convert audiences.” – Linda Crowe, Vice President,
Digital Marketing, Brightcove

« Our video strategy has grown each year we’ve been a Brightcove customer
– and using Audience, we can now quantify and measure video’s impact.
What stands out about Audience is how easy it is to use. We gate our
product demo video so that once 20% of the video is viewed, the customer
is presented with a lead form embedded in the video, which then flows to
Marketo. If someone watches to that point, we know they have a good
level of interest. Additionally, we value that from a customer’s
perspective, the embedded lead form looks clean and professional, and
from a marketer’s perspective, we believe the seamless experience will
increase our results.” – Jerry Trudell, Manager, Demand Generation,
Hyland, creator of OnBase

Supporting resources:

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About Brightcove

Brightcove Inc.

BCOV, -2.52%

is the leading global provider of powerful
cloud solutions for delivering and monetizing video across connected
devices. The company offers a full suite of products and services that
reduce the cost and complexity associated with publishing, distributing,
measuring and monetizing video across devices. Brightcove has more than
5,000 customers in over 70 countries that rely on the company’s cloud
solutions to successfully publish high-quality video experiences to
audiences everywhere. To learn more, visit

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