Beyond the Viewer: Why Transcribing Your Videos Is Crucial to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Brands have discovered the value of using video to engage customers and stand out in social media feeds.

However, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), videos can be lacking.

You can include important information in your description, but that won’t cover everything described in your video.

Investing in a transcription for each video can help you generate valuable text-based content without having something written. 

Here are several reasons a video transcription is a good idea for your company websites.

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Boost Search Engine Visibility

The most important reason to transcribe your video is to provide content that can be indexed by search engines. This means when customers enter keywords related to the content of each video, your website will show up prominently.

For best results, research the keywords customers enter to find your business and create videos that contain those keywords.

This may require you to write your content before recording the video. You’ll then have a completed transcript you can include with the video when you post it. Instead of expending your resources to create fresh content for your site, you’ll be able to get extra mileage out of the work you put into the video you’re posting.

Transcriptions can also be important for citations. Students, journalists, and fellow professionals may be interested in quoting from your video with backlinks. Since an increased number of backlinks can improve your search rankings, this is key to getting the attention of potential customers.

Having the text along with the video will make it easy for them to copy and paste. Make sure you track your SEO progress by monitoring keyword rankings and setting up Google Alerts for your brand name.

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Improve the Customer Experience

As experts point out, a transcription helps improve the customer experience. Visitors can read along while they’re listening to the video. They may also want to refer to the text later. Instead of re-watching the video to go over an important point, they can search the page for the relevant text and read for themselves.

They can also easily share the information with a friend or associate who may not be interested in sitting through an entire video to get to the part of the message that relates to their needs.

Capture Readers

Not every visitor accesses your site while in a silent room at home. You’ll have guests who arrive using mobile devices while surrounded by people, whether at home, in the office, or in public. In those cases, playing your video may not be an option. By offering a transcript, you give those guests an opportunity to get the information they need when they might have to otherwise exit and find a text-based resource.

A transcript also serves the percentage of your visitors who simply prefer text over videos. A blog post or article lets them scan blocks of text to find the information they want rather than trying to find it in a video. A transcript lets visitors choose which way they want to get the information, allowing you to reach as many customers as possible with your message.

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A transcription overcomes the various audience limitations that come with video-based content. In addition to the customers who are in environments where they can’t listen, there are hearing-impaired consumers who will miss out on your content.

They can turn on captions, but captioning isn’t always available and when it is, it can be inaccurate. A transcription lets you ensure your message gets across as intended when a visitor can’t listen.

Transcripts also help non-native English speakers get the information they need without relying on captions. If the page doesn’t offer to transcribe the text into their native language, they can copy and paste the text into a transcription service of their own choice. This expands your audience and possibly helps search engine visibility for your customers who speak English as a second language.

Videos are a great way to win over today’s visually-oriented consumers. By including a transcript with your video, you’ll be able to create content that resonates with customers and improves your search engine visibility. The end result will be that customers are drawn to your site, where they can find the information they need in whichever format they prefer.

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