Banner Ad Video Demonstrates PPC & CPM Tips for Media Buys & Facebook

Banner Ad Video Demonstrates PPC CPM Tips for Media Buys Facebook

Media Buy Academy Reloaded now has a free online video report on mini media buys and paid traffic generation with a positive ROI for online marketers and business owners.

Media Buy Academy Reloaded sets the stage for profitable mini media buys with a new free e-course designed to provide a solid foundation for paid traffic specialists, affiliate marketers and online marketing professionals seeking to learn more about positive ROI for paid traffic generation. 

The new course can be accessed via the sign-up on the Media Buy Academy Reloaded website:

The current free course consists of an online report and 30-minute video explaining precisely how mini media buys work to build profitable traffic. This course provides a well-rounded view of media buys in the past and present, as well as possible future scenarios.

Chris Munch, one of the expert contributors to the Media Buy Academy Reloaded course put together this free training and had this to say:

“There is a lot of confusion surrounding media buys and how affiliates, product owners and online marketers can break into this kind of traffic generation. So the group decided it would be helpful to provide some background information on the course, to help people better understand exactly what media buys are, and what they aren’t, as well as what is actually possible with media buys now versus in the past.”

The course is designed to provide enough information to allow online marketers of all kinds to make the decision about whether or not media buys are the right choice as part of their ongoing paid marketing strategy.

The data put forth in the reports is taken from several reputable third-party sources and can be independently verified through those sources. For illustrative purposes only, the free course also includes a brief case study that provides some of the results achieved using typical methods for successful media buys.

Affiliate and internet marketers who want to learn more about media buying before committing to the full course can take this free mini media buys e-course by signing up on the Media Buy Academy Reloaded website at

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