Baidu Video Goes Independent and Receives $155 Million Funds from Investors

Baidu, China’s largest hunt engine, and an financier in Uber and Google, has continued a process of corporate spinoff. Baidu Video went eccentric this week after a spin-off of a tyro app Zuoyebang. It has already lifted a uninformed collateral of approximately $155 million. Shanghai New Media Culture saved some-more than $76 million, since a rest of a money came from a try entrepreneur SAIF Partners.

The new section is an enlargement of Baidu’s Xiaodu Interactive Entertainment and Technology. The section is an associate and not a subsidiary. It operates alone from iQiYi, that is one of a vast marketplace players in a streaming zone in China. The pierce of spinning-off Baidu Video eases Baidu’s finances of collateral complete business and allows a association to act some-more like a startup.

According to sources, Baidu Video will concentration mostly on cinema and TV calm that are professionally made. Hu Hao, one of a existent executives during Baidu will conduct a association as a Chief Executive Officer. The association will also launch a calm account value $77 million. In an official release, a orator pronounced to a heading online publisher, “Baidu Video aims to turn a series one veteran generated calm video height in China. [Baidu Video] will concentration on height growth and continue to yield a audiences with video hunt and calm assembly services.”

Apart from Baidu Video, Baidu also owns iQiyi, that is currently not creation substantial profits. Founders of Baidu, Robin Li and Gong Yu, have submitted a offer where they have due a devise of holding iQiyi private for $2.8 billion. This pierce comes 6 months after Baidu became a partial of a newly shaped Brazilian O2O Association, a initial ever partnership for building O2O (online to offline) businesses in North America.

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