As Innovative Video Marketing Escalates in China, Tangeche …

Running until January 30, 2018 the campaign features signage and product ad unit insertions using the Tangeche brand mascot. The first flight will cover approximately 300-500 episodes of a variety of dramas and variety/reality shows. The campaign will be managed for viewability and verification in partnership with third party tracking.

Mr. Chen Qi, VP of Hangzhou Souche Automotive Services Co.,Ltd. (parent company of Tangeche), said « Auto consumption in China has entered a new inflection point, which presents a great opportunity for Tangeche, the leading brand for auto financial leasing in China.  In terms of marketing, Tangeche selected a strong partner with Youku and became the first advertiser to use NIVA CPM, so that the brand appeared across the whole platform and in multiple shows – Tangeche could be seen everywhere. Besides cost-effective brand exposure, Tangeche attracted the attention of younger users, and communicated a new way for buying cars, thanks to its subtle messaging in scenes that featured urban mainstream working and living. »

« As a brand that typically purchases OOH, Tangeche is utilizing NIVA as a supplement with powerful ad tech and tracking capabilities that feature high quality integrations that deliver high relevancy, reach and efficiency, » says Mike Rees, Mirriad Managing Director APAC. « By delivering the quality, authenticity and editorial integrity mandated by the content, NIVA helps address critical issues brands and advertisers are currently facing, such as quality and brand safety. We are seeing brands, advertisers and content owners alike embracing NIVA as the future of advertising – to integrate advertising directly into entertainment content. »

China, a leader in the realm of media innovation and ad tech, is seeing their market for video content expanding rapidly. At the same time, the need to monetize content has led to an oversaturation of interruptive advertisement that hinders the viewing experience, requiring solutions. Mirriad’s NIVA technology allows brands to advertise directly within the content in a highly noticeable and relevant context, delivering unskippable advertising that respects viewers. At the same time, brands receive core reach and frequency metrics in order to buy NIVA as advertising.

Alibaba Digital Media Entertainment Group – Youku Chief Operating Officer Shen Wei said, « Thanks to the innovative ad product NIVA, advertisers can leverage hot IPs for increasing brand exposure and enhancing brand association, as well as generating more opportunities for content marketing.  In the near future, Youku will strive to create more native ad products, which will inspire advertisers with new ideas for video marketing. »

As Mirriad continues to expand globally, they are introducing NIVA CPM, a product positioned for programmatic transaction that has created a long awaited currency for brand integration as an ad unit. NIVA allows advertisers to buy advertising in-video at very high quality whilst being compliant with the three V’s of digital advertising: viewability, verification and value. All NIVA ad units can be tracked and optimized during the course of the campaign and are scalable – key steps in providing brands with what they need to justify a native in-video campaign, and to move beyond more disruptive forms of advertising.

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About Mirriad Advertising Ltd

Launched in 2008 with a mission to revolutionize video advertising for the skip generation – people who skip, block or ignore video advertising on TV, online and on mobiles. Mirriad’s patented technologies use computer vision technologies to offer a scalable new standard in advertising where brands are integrated as ad units across highly viewed multi-title content and campaigns managed against reach and frequency. The resulting native in-video advertising is impactful and engaging whilst being relevant and authentic. Mirriad’s native in-video ads work across all three screens and can be traded in the same way as other mainstream advertising inventory.

Mirriad works with with major US content producers and with leading broadcasters and video distributors in the world’s largest advertising markets. Mirriad is the chosen native in-video ad provider for Youku, China’s leading entertainment platform.  Mirriad’s investors include IP Group PLC, Unilever Ventures and Parkwalk Funds and has offices in London, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai.

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