Apply multimedia tech skills to marketing

A TOTAL of 105 second year International Marketing programme students of Universiti Malaysia Sabah Labuan International Campus (UMSKAL) recently produced several original video advertisements for the course on Fundamentals of Multimedia.

The project was coordinated by Assoc Prof Dr Norazah Mohd Suki.

The project, she said was aimed at exposing the students on the use of fundamental multimedia building blocks, including text, graphic, sound, animation and video.

“Students had the opportunity to handle the equipment and software tools needed to create and design the video advertisements.

“These skills are essential in preparing them for their careers in business and marketing, and helping them to develop their creativity in video production,” she said.

During the seven-week project, students utilised software such as Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, MIDI and digital audio to produce original video advertisements for consumer products such as a yogurt drink, smartphones, energy drinks, sports shoes, bags and food containers.

The advertisements were shot on the grounds of the UMSKAL campus in Labuan and other interesting places that were suitable to drive the intended marketing message and product branding in the advertisements.

The students agreed that the project had enhanced their ICT knowledge significantly.

“I have learnt the techniques of using Adobe Premiere Pro, and would not have come across this software if not for this project,” said Siti Nur Aishah Saim, who was one of the team leaders.

The project also unearthed some hidden talents among the students who were good in acting, directing and audio recording.

Nurul Akidah Azmaya said that the exercise helped improve her confidence when she volunteered as one of the advertisement’s lead actors.

The course has provided the students with the benefit of applying basic ICT knowledge and skills as well as given them the opportunity to learn about real-life workplace and project management issues, such as time, cost and manpower management and interpersonal communication.

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