Apple Watch 'Spring Forward' Event — Live Blog -3-

This is the news cable cutters have been waiting for.

1:06 pm | by Joanna Stern

Cook seems very relaxed up there, especially in his new sweater look. « We love HBO, » Cook says as he moves to talking
about the momentum of the Apple TV.

1:05 pm | by Geoffrey Fowler

Apple has 453 stores now, he says — and saw 120 million customers. Not too shabby.

1:04 pm | by Joanna Stern

The video is about the iPhone going on sale in China. A very interesting way to open the event. There are the usual
shots: Apple store interior shots, footage of people cheering about the iPhone going on sale.

1:04 pm

Tim Cook takes the stage after an opening video about how busy Apple’s latest store in China is doing.

— Wilson Rothman (@wjrothman) March 9, 2015

1:03 pm | by Geoffrey Fowler

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on stage. First up, he’s talking up Apple’s latest retail location in China.

1:03 pm

Apple better have a solution for ad viewabilty on this watch thing or it’s a total non starter

— Mike Shields (@digitalshields) March 9, 2015

1:02 pm

If I am being honest, I really want to see an Apple TV that has CEC tech so my TV changes to that source when I turn
it on.

— Brian Fitzgerald (@BryFitz) March 9, 2015

1:02 pm | by Joanna Stern

And the lights are down! Apple marketing video is already rolling.

1:00 pm | by Brian Fitzgerald

If I am going to be sold on a Watch, I need to see how favorite apps will work. I need a real product demonstration.
Show me how I will tweet differently.

12:58 pm | by Joanna Stern

I’ve seen two people taking photos with iPads. What we don’t expect to hear today: How the watch will replace your

12:58 pm | by Joanna Stern

As usual, Apple is playing some Top 40 hits (right now Sam Smith). Lots of excitement in the room and lots of people
from the Apple exec team settling down and taking their front row seats.

12:56 pm | by Brian Fitzgerald

The Apple live stream camera is rolling over the audience, catching poor unsuspecting people in its lens. Don’t
scratch your nose. If you are planning to watch at, you can hit play now.

12:53 pm | by Brian Fitzgerald

Not U2. This puts a wedge between us.

Getting psyched backstage listening to I Lived by @OneRepublic.

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) March 9, 2015

12:48 pm

And we’re inside. With @algore!

— Geoffrey Fowler (@geoffreyfowler) March 9, 2015

12:46 pm | by Geoffrey Fowler

Going into the event, here’s the question I want answered:

Will the Apple Watch help me get time back? Will it reduce the gadget distractions in my life? If it does, I’m sold.

12:42 pm | by Geoffrey Fowler

The real prize for journalists at one of these Apple events is a seat with a power strip.

12:41 pm | by Joanna Stern

You don’t want to trip me. I have a selfie stick.

12:41 pm | by Brian Fitzgerald

Stay safe out there.

12:41 pm | by Geoffrey Fowler

The running of the journalists is about to begin.

12:41 pm | by Brian Fitzgerald

Good point, Geoff. Kill the battery, and kill my interest. I’d hate to turn off all notifications. Wonder if we’ll see
a special « smartwatch only » class of notifications. But that puts the ball in the court of the developers.

12:39 pm | by Geoffrey Fowler

I’m very interested in seeing how Apple reins in some of these services like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat that have
thrived on the iPhone by getting us addicted to alerts. Too many alerts could kill a smartwatch.

12:37 pm | by Geoffrey Fowler

A big part of answering the « why » question is going to be apps. I expect to see a parade of Apple Watch app developers
on stage today. News! Games! Payments!

12:34 pm | by Brian Fitzgerald

All of this attention on the watch. But I’d bet a week’s salary there are as many people waiting for news of a
redesigned MacBook. Yes, it’s the geekier underbelly of the Apple fan community, but it’s core.

12:28 pm | by Brian Fitzgerald

The toughest part for Apple is trying to fulfill so many expectations of what functionality people want from a device
attached to their wrists. Is it a phone? A fitness device? A messenger? A … watch? No surprisingly, the first two
comments from readers take aim at battery life and the ability of the watch to act as a standalone phone.

12:24 pm | by Geoffrey Fowler

Notably, Apple didn’t have the need for a second event to explain the iPad. But the September event left so many
unanswered questions about the Apple Watch.

12:22 pm | What to Watch | by Geoffrey Fowler

So what’s today about?

It’s about answering this question: Why would you need an Apple Watch?

12:22 pm | by Brian Fitzgerald

No, no attention at all on this product announcement.

The new Apple Watch allows wearers to start and stop the flow of time

— The Onion (@TheOnion) March 9, 2015

12:16 pm | by Brian Fitzgerald


Got some extra rest for today’s event. Slept in ’til 4:30.

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) March 9, 2015

12:14 pm

Watch-ready hoodie spotted on @JohnPaczkowski — good thinkin’!

— Wilson Rothman (@wjrothman) March 9, 2015

12:11 pm

My nose is running and I can’t see my favs on my iPhone. GBP reasonsweneedanapplewatch

— Joanna Stern (@JoannaStern) March 9, 2015

12:02 pm | by Geoffrey Fowler

I remember there were also people pitching apps at the iPad launch. The early bird gets the worm!

12:01 pm | There Are Products for the Products | by Joanna Stern

This company is standing outside the event promoting its Apple Watch charging station. Aggressive!

11:57 am | by Brian Fitzgerald

Apple Watch gets a lot of attention, but it is hardly entering an empty field. Here are the contenders side-by-side.

— Brian Fitzgerald (@BryFitz) March 9, 2015

11:46 am | by Joanna Stern

We are standing in line! Lots of excitement about the event and getting pricing details about the watch. Personally, I
am most excited to hear about a new MacBook Air today. It could be the first time in many years we see a completely
redesigned MacBook.

11:32 am | You Can Watch Too | by Brian Fitzgerald

Depending on your PC setup, you can watch the on-stage event too at It’s always easier if
you are swimming in the Apple ecosystem. A live stream requires some recent versions of Safari browser on OSX, mobile
devices running at least iOS 6, or some later version of Apple TV. (The disclaimers are all on the site.) Yes, there are
workarounds for Android and Windows if you are desperate enough.

11:28 am

Apple Watch event happening soon. Here’s what’s going on now…

— Wilson Rothman (@wjrothman) March 9, 2015

11:25 am | Follow us | by Brian Fitzgerald

Our crack team will keep this live blog full of exclusive thoughts today. But we’re sharing plenty on Twitter, too. So
follow along:







11:20 am

The new MacBook Air is a footnote at the bottom of most Apple event preview articles. I expect it to be much more than

— Joanna Stern (@JoannaStern) March 8, 2015

11:17 am

Interesting GBP AppleWatch stat: @forrester found 40% of folks are tired of pulling phones from pockets; 50% of mobile
interactions glanceable

— Geoffrey Fowler (@geoffreyfowler) March 9, 2015

10:54 am | Tech or Fashion? | by Brian Fitzgerald

The smartwatch is theculmination of Apple’s move into high-end luxury fashion. The watch isthe first device from
Appledesigned explicitly to be displayedrather than tucked away in a pocket, the Journal’sDaisuke Wakabayashiwrote in
today’s Journal. Give it a read ahead of today’s announcement.

10:49 am | Thanks for stopping by! | by Brian Fitzgerald

Welcome from New York. Our news and personal technology teams are headed to Apple’s announcement today to see what is
in store for the Apple Watch. The event starts around 1 p.m. ET, but we will get going in the hour beforehand.

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