AppGameKit HTML5 version goes live

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

The Game Creators today launched the AppGameKit HTML5 version
– a significant release which adds yet another dimension to
the already successful development engine.

Lee Bamber, CEO of The Game Creators, said, “HTML5 is the
latest version of Hypertext Markup Language, the code that
describes how web pages look and operate. More crucially, it’s the
first version which fully supports native execution of 3D games
content, which means no more plugins to install. With the new
version of AppGameKit, you can now export your creations directly
to HTML5 compatible files which can be run locally or uploaded to a
server, allowing your users to play your apps and games instantly
through their browser. Thanks to the WebGL, a component of HTML5
technology, you can even run 3D games under hardware acceleration
and optionally switch to full screen to create a smooth immersive
experience for everyone.”

The Game Creators Development Director, Rick Vanner, said
“Combined with a host of new commands, functional tweaks and
bug fixes, version 2.0.19 continues to expand the AppGameKit
universe with the capabilities you need to create awesome
applications across multiple platforms.”

Towerbots (
) is a great example of an AppGameKit HTML5 game, produced by
Blendman ( ).

The Game Creators used AppGameKit to develop Driving Test
Success Theory, Hazard Perception and Highway Code apps for UK
publisher Focus Multimedia, deploying them onto the App Store,
Google Play, Amazon, Mac Store and Blackberry World – all from
AppGameKit’s executable code. These Driving Test Success apps
are now one of the UK’s #1 ‘Learning to Drive’


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