Andy Holt Burns Ticket In Online Video

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Video of Representative Andy Holt burning a speeding ticket has gained traction online; he said other drivers caught on a speeding camera to do the same.

“My suggestion is this right here,” Holt said has he lit the ticket on fire. “That’s what I think about these items, and I think that everyone should do when you receive one.”

Representative Holt recently passed legislation that outlaws any future speeding cameras in Tennessee, and he took to Facebook Wednesday to voice his thoughts on the issue.

He said the companies in charge of the cameras only want your money.

Holt said receiving the ticket doesn’t mean you’ve been convicted of anything, and even if they threaten legal action, you don’t have to pay the ticket.
Of course, not everyone shares that opinion. Many who have challenged their camera-issued tickets in court have ended up paying.

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