ANA takes consumers on a journey with multi-influencer video

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has unveiled its multi-influencer video marketing campaign titled “Journey By Design”, which focuses on five core markets – Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines. The campaign is a multi-platform strategy designed to draw new customers to the Asian region. It also allowed ANA to showcase its extensive domestic network and highlight the benefits of flying with the airline.

Conceptualised and executed by independent digital media and social video broadcaster Brave Bison Singapore, the digital-only campaign will run for a year. Brave Bison was appointed to manage the campaign following a pitch held in June 2017.

In a statement to Marketing, Brave Bison’s spokesperson said it was chosen due to its experience working with Turkish Airlines and SK-II’s “Beauty Bound” programme on YouTube. Brave Bison’s access to top Asian creators, ability to share knowledge and insight on influencer marketing, as well as the ability to build an honest relationship with ANA from the beginning also resulted in the company being picked for “Journey By Design”.

“Journey By Design” featured five influencers – Kevin Hendrawan (Indonesia), mingjai14 (Hong Kong), Haley Dasovich (Philippines), KIMDAX (South Korea) and newapplearial (Taiwan). They crowdsourced travel tips from fans before heading to Japan to explore various parts of the country. Thereafter, they participated in an Instagram challenge while filming a travel vlog for YouTube to sum up their experience.

“Working with Brave Bison has been a great experience, from our first informal chat to the very professional and insightful development of a campaign that hits all our objectives. The result is an impactful campaign that we’re incredibly proud of,” Masaru Watanabe, manager, marketing and sales, Asia Oceania at ANA, said.

“ANA’s Journey By Design is a great example of a campaign that plays to our core strengths – the creation of an effective campaign idea; our Influencer Network in the region and globally; and our experience of producing innovative, engaging video content,” David Nicholls, GM for APAC at Brave Bison, said.

Among the list of clients Brave Bison has collaborated with include PG, Shell, PGA Tour, Paramount and Google. Headquartered in London, it also has a presence in Singapore.

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