Adwords vs. Reputation Marketing

( — March 25, 2016) Los Angeles, California — A recent Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising survey revealed that 92% surveyed said they trusted recommendations from family and friends and online consumer opinions and reviews as their most trusted forms of advertising. While 71% said that text and banner ads on mobile devices was their least trusted forms of advertising.

What Is Reputation Marketing?

Reputation Marketing is managing, building and marketing your online 5 star reputation and is being called the biggest shift in marketing in 10 years. The recent Nielsen Global Advertising survey also discovered that even the people who got a recommendation from family and friends still went online to Google the company name and city to see customer reviews. Many said their final decision was based on the number of 5 star reviews that company had over their competition.

The Challenge To Local Businesses

This presents a big problem for most local business owners because they don’t have a system in place to manage, grow and market their online 5 star reviews.

Fortunately, there’s a new sheriff in town called 5 Star Expert Reviews. A recently launched Reputation Marketing Agency that specializes in teaching local business owners and their staff how to generate 5 Star Reviews on demand.

“Building an online 5 star reputation doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by having an organized automated strategy designed specifically for getting 5 star reviews from real customers.” said Jack Huntsman, an executive producer at the agency.

How To Leverage Existing 5 Star Google Reviews

Turning your existing 5 star Google reviews into syndicated videos is just one of the strategies used by the recently launched agency to create strategic content for your website and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Video marketing is a very important part of the strategic plan in managing, growing and marketing a 5 star online reputation. Unfortunately, many business owners are camera shy and would rather have a wisdom tooth pulled than get on camera.

Video Marketing Without On Camera Owners

5 Star Expert Reviews has created a way to produce 5 star reviews videos from real 5 star Google reviews that get syndicated to the top video-sharing sites, podcast directories, RSS feeds, social media sites, bookmarking sites and aged blog networks. No on camera owner participation needed.

To create a review video like the ones produded by the agency would require hiring a professional spokesmodel (with residuals), a Hollywood Style studio, camera operators, sound engineers, lighting crew, a graphics team, a producer, a director, an editor, caterers for craft services and more. The cost could easily run between $3000 – $5000 depending on the location you’re in.

BETA Testers Wanted

As part of their introductory BETA program, local business owners can get a one-minute review video produced and syndicated for under $300. This is a limited time offer designed to introduce companies to the emerging billion dollar Reputation Marketing industry.

The agency also provides exclusive video training for all of the staff and personel in a company to make sure everybody is on the same marketing page. This is vital to the success of any marketing campaign.

The Three Most Powerful Words In Business

The agency also uses a cutting-edge “Sign In” strategy to teach businesses how to begin the interaction process with their clients, patients or customers.

The three most powerful words a business owner can say to a customer are “Please Sign In”.

But instead of having them sign an antiquated clip board with frayed paper edges, you hand them a tablet or smart phone to have them sign in electronically. A few hours after they leave your business, the system sends them a text message asking for their feedback or review. A business can even have them take a short survey.

Sign In Here to get a 5 star review video as part of their BETA program and to see the system in action.

The emerging Reputation Marketing industry was created by online retailers Ebay and Amazon when reviews became a key factor in the success or failure of products listed on the websites of these ecommerce giants.


Local businesses are just catching up to that strategy and are now scrambling to get interactive content and 5 star reviews out on the Internet to drive more traffic and ultimately more sales.

In conclusion, Adwords vs. Reptutation Marketing is not a fair comparison. Google Adwords is still a major player in getting the company brand out in the marketplace and even driving targeted traffic to a company website. But it can be confussing and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s the job of a good Reputation Marketing Agency to convert that traffic into evangelists for your product, service or brand. And having an automated way to have customers leave a 5 star review is the icing on the cake.

SIGN UP HERE For Review Video BETA Program

About 5 Star Expert Reviews is a full service Reputation Marketing Agency with offices located in Los Angeles California and Washington DC. They are the first video-sharing social network where consumers can upload their 5 star video reviews about companies they’ve done business with. It’s free to join for both consumers and businesses.

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