Adult Swim reaches out to millenials with #wrongbutright mobile video campaign

Adult Swim, a US formed wire network specialising in adult animation and movement comedy, has got a round rolling on a initial ever above a line selling debate in a UK, Sweden and Germany targeting millennials.

#Wrongbutright is a targeted mobile video debate that seeks to strech out to a channels targeted assembly of 18-34 year old’s with comparison clips from a surreal comedy shows and pre-roll promotion on platforms including IGN, MTV and Twitch.

This will embody element from renouned shows such as Rick and Morty, Venture Brothers, Robot Chicken and Tim and Eric with an concomitant pull on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and  SnapChat.

Themed playlists will be uploaded to YouTube on a daily basement permitting viewers to name a ‘wrong or right’ choice in several clips, assisting to expostulate trade to a channels Spotify video service.

Humphrey Black, clamp president, media distribution, Turner Broadcasting EMEA said: “The comedy on Adult Swim is irritable and giggle out shrill funny. It’s a form of comedy that can make we doubt either it’s wrong to giggle – though that’s what creates it right!

« Our targeted #wrongbutright mobile video debate is a ideal approach to strech that 18-34 year aged millennial audience, providing them with mobile party on a go. It is funny, simply sharable and a good approach to expostulate them to a Spotify video use where they can find loads some-more Adult Swim shows.”

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