A guide to building your firm’s video content marketing strategy

2015 was the year of video marketing but guess what? So is 2016! Marketers are using the video skills they learnt throughout 2015 to create better video content and tell stories that have more impact. But where do you get started and how do you build your video marketing strategy? Read on and we’ll show you.

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Research the channels

As with any strategy the best place to start is with research. Develop a claimant persona for your target audience and then look at the channels and types of video they watch. In the past firms would simply host videos on YouTube and embed within their website but now there is a shift to hosting the video on your own website, allowing you to use it as a piece of guarded content if you wish. You can then use YouTube and other social media networks such as Facebook  to extend the life of a video past your campaigns end.


Build your schedule

Once you know where and why you’re posting then you can begin to build a publishing schedule as you would for your blogs and social media content. Using your claimant persona and research on best practices for social sharing, you can decide on the best times to publish and share your videos with your target audience. Producing a publishing schedule will allow you to plan out a clear video marketing strategy and have a reference for the number and types of videos you are producing.


Record the videos

Once you’ve got a clear plan of the number of videos you need and when and where you want to publish them you can begin thinking about the type of videos you want to make such as ‘how to’ videos, short teasers for your webinars or eBooks or a video of your firm’s latest charity event. Once you’ve planned the type of video you want to make you can then get to work scripting, filming and editing.


Measure your results

Finally as with any strategy you need to measure the results. With video marketing it’s not just as simple as looking at how many views the page received, you want to look closer and investigate the number of views a video gets, where most viewers get to in the video and how the video is shared.


With these four simple steps you should have no problem building your legal firm’s video content strategy, allowing you to really be a part of the video revolution.

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