6 Tips for Making Online Video Ads Tolerable (Even Enjoyable)

Not everyone is using ad blockers to avoid your ads. In fact, 69 percent don’t use an ad blocker. And almost no one wants to pay to skip ads: 85 percent would rather watch occasional ads than pay for content.

WibbitzThat reassuring news comes from a study created by Wibbitz, a company that automates branded video content creation. Wibbitz surveyed over 1,100 U.S. adults in March 2016 to learn their feelings about video ads. The results offers solid tips for creating ad experiences that viewers don’t want to block.

6 Tips for Creating Enjoyable Video Ad Experiences

  1. Know the platform. People prefer watching Facebook videos on a desktop computer, but they watch Snapchat videos on a phone. Tailor your ad for the device.
  1. Facebook is king. The survey found that 59 percent say Facebook is their favorite social network. Being on a social platform encourages sharing.
  1. Don’t be disruptive. Viewers dislike inline video ads that interrupt what they’re watching. Consider running a post-roll instead of a mid-roll.
  1. Keep it brief. Every demographic likes shorter ads better. If you’re not explaining a difficult topics, keep it to a strong 10 or 15 seconds.
  1. Don’t lose hope. While ad blockers get a lot of press, most people aren’t using them. Keep your ads fun to watch and share, and you’ll see results.
  1. Everyone’s favorite. Across all demos, survey were most receptive to silent, targeted ads on mobile devices. Follow that formula and think about how you can get your message across with images and on-screen text.

“At first I was surprised that consumers are more accepting of autoplay ads on mobile than on desktop, but it makes sense after thinking it through,” says Zohar Dayan, CEO and co-founder of Wibbitz. “Mobile audiences spend a huge portion of their time on social platforms, which almost all have autoplay enabled, and over half of frequent video viewers are watching on mobile. People are accustomed to seeing autoplay videos on their phone (and lots of them), so autoplay ads don’t seem out of the norm. Mobile video is a massive opportunity for both publishers and advertisers, and our findings on autoplay make it even more so.”

For more, download the full report, “Personalized, Silent, and Mobile: The Video Advertising Trifecta,” for free (registration required).


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