5 Video Sites All Marketers Should Know

5 Video Sites All Marketers Should Know image video marketing

Everyone Loves Videos

As a marketer, it didn’t escape my notice that absolutely everyone is watching videos from one portal or another. Entertainment, news, information, sports? Just press play. It makes sense. A picture is worth a thousand words. And video asks so much of its audience. Additionally, for marketing purposes, video has more bang for its buck, which makes it a wise choice for global companies down to mom-and-pops.

Know Thy Demographic

Say you’re only trying to reach the older demographic and you finally just got used to using YouTube for your marketing. That’s great. But remember, the newest sites today will be the mainstream ones tomorrow. And if your demographic skews younger, you should know about these sites now … no, yesterday.

One of these sites just might be a better fit for your video-sharing:

1. UStream: For Business

UStream is a platform for business-to-consumer communications with high-def videos streaming globally to 80 million viewers to any type of device. For a fee, UStream provides a number of high-value services like production, content management, audience generation, and analytics. UStream is clean and classy. So, if your customers like the finer things, they probably already know about UStream.

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2. Vimeo: For Vimeans

This video-sharing site isn’t exactly new. It’s more like a cult hit than a summer blockbuster. Like most cult hits, more and more people (or Vimeans) are getting turned on to it. (It’s got over 100 million unique visitors per month.) With posting policies, high-def capabilities, customizability, and pay account levels, Vimeo boasts quality over quantity. Also, it generates revenue from user accounts, which means you won’t have a competitor’s ad slapped up next to your video.

3. Vine: For Kids

Vine is a video-sharing site for 6-second videos (Vines). It’s owned by Twitter, which makes sense. Vine is video’s answer to micro-blogging. If you haven’t seen Vines, you’re probably wondering what can be accomplished in 6 seconds. Believe it or not, a whole lot. Also, some video-makers develop longer stories through a series of 6-second videos. And if they’re funny, clever, and well done, they’re like chips. You can’t click just one.

4. Twitch: For Gamers

If you know any gamers, you know about Twitch. If you don’t know any gamers (if that’s possible anymore), you should still know about Twitch. This global video site has over 45 million monthly users. The site has entertainment, information on the latest in gaming, and a heavy social component with broadcasts, chats, and notifications. If you really want to witness an ideal match of a niche audience with a streaming video platform, check out Twitch.

5. LiveLeak: For News

LiveLeak is a UK-based video platform for current and breaking global news coverage largely powered by “citizen journalists.” This is the free press people dreamed about at the dawn of the Internet. It’s customizable with tabs you can choose from for the stories you’re interested in, and its well-developed mobile platform brings it to viewers on the go. Additionally, there’s heavy user engagement the likes of which no newspaper ever achieved.

And if you’ve read to the end of this post, you’re officially a unique individual who proves that the written word is not dead. Now go make a video about it!

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