5 New Dental Marketing Strategies for 2015

(Newswire.net — March 13, 2015) Tempe, AZ — Crawford and O’Brien LLC is revealing to dentists and business owners 5 new dental marketing strategies that will are proven to generate traffic. For any dentist who needs to find new ways of generating leads and patients, these tactics are invaluable. Historically, clients of Crawford and O’Brien have enjoyed an average 500% ROI from their different digital marketing services. The following are their top 5 dental marketing strategies to generate high-converting traffic and new patients. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is the most prevalent form of digital marketing because traffic generated organically from search engines is the most valuable traffic on the web. It takes a broad and intimate knowledge of Google search algorithms and what makes a website authoritative to know how to most effectively get a website ranking on the first page of the search engines. Essentially, though, the backbone of SEO is building backlinks — links from a domain referring to your website — that signal credibility to the search engines based on the rank of your referring domains. The most effective ways to get these backlinks are through guest blogging, directories, and on page optimization. Essentially, the goal is to create relevant content for credible sites and use that content to earn links to your site. You can learn more about building backlinks for SEO at www.crawfordandobrien.com/services. 



Facebook Ads


 People have shunned Facebook ads for a long time, calling them ineffective and costly for a business to focus on. But more and more, digital marketers are proclaiming it a superstar source of traffic. The reason is targeting. Instead of focusing on just a specific area or interest group, we can really find our ideal customers; you can target women ages 30-50 who drive a BMW, make over $100,000 per year, have 2 kids, and like red wine within a 10 mile radius of your office. We we can get clicks for $.50 instead of $6-8 on Google. That’s amazing.

YouTube Ads


Crawford and O’Brien is continuously unlocking more and more benefit from using YouTube ads to engage users with your product or service and to generate clicks to your site. With specially targeted advertising campaigns built around videos focused on converting customers, companies are able to get views on their video for as little as 2 cents each. You can create advertisements and put them on videos that your target market is most likely to be watching, like advertising tires on a video about racing. The best part is, you only pay for the view if they watch the entire 30 second advertisement. If they skip, or better, if they click through to your site, you pay absolutely nothing. It’s not often that you get a free click to your site, and if it’s possible to get more, then there’s no reason not to. 



Retargeting on Google Search


PPC advertising is perhaps the one of the most powerful ways of generating traffic to a website, but it’s hard to be sure that everyone who searches something in your space is looking for what your company provides. But, with search retargeting, companies can display ads for specific keywords, like « dental implants », for instance, but display those ads only to people who have already visited their site! That way, you don’t waste money or time generating clicks for people who aren’t looking for your service, and your ads show up for the people that are most likely to become a patient. 

Retargeting on Google Display


Retargeting on the Google Display Network is using data on a whole new level. Essentially, any website that you’ve visited before could have placed a cookie in your browser to start showing ads to you wherever you go. So, someone who has visited your dental website and contemplated your services before could be shown ads for your practice on Facebook or pretty much any other site you visit. It can be extremely effective in converting plausible but skeptical people into patients. 






About Crawford and O’Brien LLC

Crawford and O’Brien is a digital marketing agency that is disrupting the dental marketing industry. Besides being 2 years ahead of competitors and offering services most dentists and marketers have never heard of (like SBO), Crawford and O’Brien is known most for doing amazing SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns as well as other digital marketing services like web development, conversion optimization, lead generation, and consulting for dentists.

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