4 Reasons Why You Should Not Avoid Video Marketing

If you have been working on marketing for more than 5 minutes than you probably know that video marketing is quickly becoming the “next big thing.” Despite this seemingly common knowledge, many marketers and small business owners are still hesitant to embrace video marketing.

Here are 4 reasons no one should avoid video marketing.

1. Videos provide more effective communication. Let’s face it, most people prefer watching something over reading something. Videos have the potential to convey more information, in a more understandable way in significantly less time. Additionally, writing is not a skill every small business owner or marketer has. Sometimes messages are not always conveyed properly through writing. Additionally, sometimes the most well stated message is simply understand by the readers’ lack of comprehension skills. Videos circumvent all the potential problems faced by written content.

2. Users look for videos. Because many consumers prefer videos, they tend to look for them. When conducting a search, users are more likely to click the video links than the written content links. You may have the best content out their within your industry, but people aren’t even seeing it because they are always clicking on the video option.

3. Videos increase conversion rates. According to a number of different studies, video marketing results in higher conversion rates than written content. 90% of users say videos are more helpful in helping them make a purchasing decision. 64% of users say they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. 80% of users can remember a video they saw a month earlier.

4. Videos have a huge impact on SEO. Video’s are one of the most powerful tools out there today for boosting SEO. Great video marketing campaigns involve understanding your target market by utilizing a mix of  video, social media and SEO efforts.  By combining these tools, you’re maximizing the potential of your content.

These 4 reasons are intricately connected because effective marketing is more like a web than a line. Because videos portray messages better, they are more effective in increasing conversation rates. Additionally, because watching videos is more enjoyable than reading articles, users seek out videos, which also help to increase the overall conversion rate of videos.

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