4 Insider Tips for Getting Facebook Ads to Work for You

Facebook Ads are some of the web’s most versatile marketing tools, offering an unparalleled array of targeting options and tools.

But just because these options are easy to select doesn’t mean that they’re easy to master.

Unlike Google AdWords and most other PPC ads, Facebook Ads don’t rely on matching keywords to customer searches to determine who sees the ads. Instead, Facebook advertising targets customers according to their web behavior, demographics, and interests.

Many companies are shifting a large percentage of their PPC marketing budget to Facebook Ads, drawn by the typically lower costs and heightened opportunities for engagement that the social networking site offers.

When you know how to get Facebook Ads to work for you, you can create tightly targeted ad campaigns that achieve an incredible ROI.

To help you make the most of your company’s online marketing budget, we’ve identified four insider tips that should make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads.

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1. Optimize Your Video Ads

The use of video on Facebook has increased dramatically in recent years. There are now more than 100 million hours of video being consumed on Facebook every day.

In recognition of the proven power video has to foster connections and boost engagement, Facebook marketers have been increasing their investment in video, especially on mobile. Marketing automation firm Nanigans reports that the video share of mobile Facebook Advertising spend is up an incredible 26 percent in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the last quarter of 2015.

If you’ve tried adding video to your Facebook Ads but aren’t seeing the response you were hoping for, it might be because you’re not optimizing your video properly for mobile viewers. More than half of all Facebook users now access the social network exclusively through a mobile device, according to Facebook’s Q1 2016 report, which revealed there are 1.51 billion mobile-only monthly active users.

That means that optimizing your Facebook Ads and video for mobile is not just a good idea, it’s one of the most important social media tips you’ll get this year.

Just last month, the social network unveiled its best Facebook video marketing tips for enhancing engagement. After examining Ad Recall results from Nielsen Brand Effect studies on more than 850 video ads, Facebook IQ revealed several social media tips that will help your video ads stand out in Facebook’s mobile News Feed.

Video ads initially play without sound in Facebook’s mobile News Feed, so you should use visual cues and captions to overcome the sound barrier. Showcase your product or service onscreen for the majority of the video, and feature easily identifiable brand links within the first 10 seconds of your video’s start. Incorporating these simple changes should help generate a much higher engagement rate for your Ads.

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2. Implement Facebook Remarketing

To get the most out of your Facebook Ad budget, you need a way to make your ads more effective at converting visitors into actual customers. Facebook remarketing does that by allowing you to target your ads to people who have already shown a proven interest in the products or services that you offer.

Facebook remarketing allows you to leverage your company website to boost your conversion rate. As an added bonus, remarketing can also lower your overall cost per customer acquisition. Here’s how it works: 

Your company has already invested in an effective, responsive website design, you already have SEO, blogging, mobile, and social media marketing strategies working to generate a steady stream of traffic to your website. Visitors who reach your website do so because they are interested in learning more about what you have to offer, so part of your selling job is already done for you.

These visitors have already been exposed to your brand through their first encounter with your online marketing strategies and they have at least a limited awareness of what you offer. When they see your ad in their social feed, it boosts the recognition of your brand and can remind them about your services.

You’ve already piqued visitors’ interest in your business with your online marketing strategies; when you add in targeted ads that touch on the topics that spurred your visitors’ initial contact, you increase the impact of your advertising efforts in a way that will vastly extend your marketing reach.

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3. Use Power Editor Instead of Boost Post 

Every time you use the Boost Post button with one of your Facebook Ads, you’re gaining an increase in promotion at the expense of one of the things that makes Facebook such an effective marketing medium with its vast and powerful targeting tools.

Using Boost Post essentially puts Facebook in the driver’s seat, giving you only a limited range of targeting options while allowing the social network to determine where your ad will go. You can gain a higher return on your investment if you take the time to use the extensive targeting options that are available through Facebook’s Power Editor. You can target your ads according to demographics, device type, and more to reach the specific audience you desire.

4. Leverage the Latest Market Insights to Make Your Ads More Relevant

Ever wish you could find out the topics that everyone is going to be interested in before they peak? Gain the necessary insight to deduce the “next big thing” so you could make your Ads more current and relevant? Facebook IQ has just what you’re looking for.

Facebook IQ, which has long been a solid source of information about consumer attitudes and behaviors, has just added “Topics to Watch,” to its ever growing library of marketing resources. This powerful new marketing aid will feature monthly insights that you can use to make your Facebook Ads more relevant.

Every month Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch will present six conversation topics that have experienced demonstrated growth over the past year and are predicted have significant growth potential going forward. Incorporating these topics into your Facebook Ad campaigns can help you capture the interest increase interest and drive more clicks.

As you get more comfortable using Facebook Ads, you’ll get a feel for which targeting options work best with your particular audience. You should plan on checking back with Facebook IQ often.

It’s the best source to stay up to date on any changes and innovations the social network introduces, as well as the latest tips from industry insiders on keep your Facebook Ads relevant, interesting, and above all, highly effective at marketing your business.

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