360 Degree Video on YouTube: Marketing Tips and Ideas [Creators Tip #174]

YouTube has announced that it is introducing support for 360 degree videos, but how can video creators take advantage of this new feature on the site? In this week’s Creator’s Tip, we discuss using 360 degree footage, and look at how others have used this kind of production technique to create videos that go beyond the normal interactive viewings that realtors, resorts, and restaurant owners often use. We also discuss the cameras and software you’ll need to shoot and edit 360 degree videos.

360° Video: Huge Video Marketing Opportunities

Many people are familiar with 360° still images, and many different industries, like real estate and customer-facing hospitality, use them to promote different interior, and exterior locations. 360° video works on the same premise, and allows the viewer to see as much of the location being filmed as possible, even though they may be thousands of miles away. 360 degree video gives the viewer the chance to immerse themselves in an experience, and that’s a fantastic marketing opportunity for any brand.

YouTube are rolling-out support for these kind of videos in the next few weeks, so it’s worth considering how you can use them in your marketing strategy. What could you film that puts the viewer, and potential client, in a place where they get to experience as much of what you offer as possible?

Examples of 360 Degree Video

Until YouTube introduce support for 360° video, you can check on some fantastic examples on the Littlstar website. See how other creators have used this type of production to create clips around so many different subjects. We particularly like this time-lapse video of London, shot from St Paul’s Cathedral.

Shooting in 360: Specialist Camera Equipment

You will need specialist camera equipment to film in 360. These come with multiple lenses that can capture everything, no matter what angle. You will also need software to edit the footage you have shot. So, if this type of video is something you want to promote, you’ll need to look into investing in some new equipment.

Are you using 360 degree video as part of your video marketing strategy? Or have you seen some really great examples that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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