3 Words For Paris: A Unique And Awesome Interactive Video

In 2014, Cokau, Bang TV’s directorial pair Achille Coquerel and Thomas Kaufmann, created a completely unique interactive video experiment titled 3 Words For Paris. The interactive allows you to create your own movie through a generator that has access to a large database of images tied to a sequence of single referential words.

interactive paris

3 Words For Paris asks one simple question: “What makes Paris so special in 3 words?” Coquerel and Kaufmann first came up with the idea in 2012 while in New York to receive the Experimental Prize at the Vimeo Festival + Awards for their project Prie Dieu (The Praying Mantis). During their stay, they asked people to give them 3 words to describe New York which inspired them to try it out in their own city. It took the duo over 90 days of shooting to amass 4,500 illustrative shots and months to compile a registry of over 90,000 words. Working with HKI (HelloHikimori), a web design, development, and programming studio, they were able to construct an algorithm that was able to edit the shots into a unique movie based on the 3 entered words. Even if the same 3 words are entered, the algorithm is still able to create a completely unique experience for the user.

Check out 3 Words For Paris here.

[Via: Little Black Book]

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