3 Video Content Marketing Trends to Watch, According to Experts

B2B marketer confidence in video content marketing increased more than 35 percent from 2010 to 2011, according to an eBook by Knowledge Vision. Since then, the industry has seen a plethora of companies, such as BuzzFeed, GE, Complex, and AOL, leveraging the burgeoning video content trend.

The Content Standard previously reported that branded video views reached an all-time high during Q3 of 2014; according to a report from Visible Measures, it garnered 2.9 billion views. And as online video viewership has increased, so has the amount of effort—and dollars—brands have put into their video marketing budgets.

Here are three simple steps to curating existing content for video, which is a cost- and strategy-effective entrance into video content marketing:

1. Identify Existing and Relevant Content to Repurpose

The word Viral underlined with red marker on white paper.Marketers have been creating content for decades. According to the Knowledge Vision eBook, 90 percent of B2B organizations are investing in some form of content marketing. Therefore, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel—or recreating content. By simply identifying existing, well-performing content that is relevant to current goals and will translate well to video, resources can be applied to more pressing expenses.

2. Build a Road Map for Your Video Content

Understanding a particular piece of content’s purpose is very important to the success of a curated video content campaign. “Most firms already possess a wealth of content that can be reused, recycled, and repurposed to meet their online video requirements,” writes Knowledge Vision. “They just don’t know it.” It is no longer enough to just have content; a road map must be created. Will the strategy involve long-form or short-form content? Will it include summary-style content? Will videos be personalized or informal? These questions need to be answered after a content type is selected and before a video content strategy is executed.

3. Ensure Existing Content Aligns with Brand Goals

Publisher Complex Media has done this well for its partnering brands. ComplexTV and Jose Cuervo used #CuervoStory as a part of their “Have a Story” campaign to profile people across the country who have extraordinary stories. What made the video content relevant and well-aligned with Complex was the designers, tattoo artists, and entrepreneurs profiles, as these are Complex‘s core target readers. It made sense for the brand and it built on topics and stories that had already been published.

In February 2012, 179 million U.S. internet users watched nearly 38 billion online videos. And soon, by 2017, video will be the most consumed content on the Web. Fortunately for brands, curating existing content is a viable and effective option.

Video trends are constantly shifting and growing. To stay informed, subscribe to the Content Standard to hear from experts in the field.

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