3 Trends That Defined Social Video Marketing in 2014

Video marketing is moving at a speedy pace, and brands need to stay up-to-date if they’re going to make the most of sharing opportunities. To highlight what’s been taking place, the marketing technology experts at Unruly created an end-of-year report that spotlights the most important trends of 2014.

  1. UnrulyTrendsThe Speed of Sharing Doubled

Launch your video campaigns with everything you’ve got, because the first days are crucial. In 2013, 25 percent of a video’s sharing took place in the first 3 days of the campaign, Unruly found. In 2014, 42 percent of all sharing took place in the first 3 days. Brands need to put their full marketing muscle behind a campaign from the start.

  1. Viewability Finally Became Important

Brands waste their budgets every day on ads that can’t be seen. The online video advertising industry, however, is beginning to do something about it. This year, the IAB and the Media Rating Council released the first viewability standard for video: At least 50 percent of a video’s pixels need to be on the screen for 2 seconds for the ad to be considered viewable. That’s a pretty weak standard (that’s our opinion, not Unruly’s), but it’s a start. Other agencies have created their own standards, Unruly notes, which should evolve in 2015.

  1. Programmatic Video Boomed

Programmatic advertising took off in 2014, and video is where it grew the fastest. Programmatic buying is way up from 2013, and major brands are committing to it. On the downside, only 23 percent of U.S. client-side marketers understand programmatic well enough to execute a campaign. Look for programmatic education to take off in 2015, Unruly says.

Like these trends? Then good news: Unruly has six more of them! Download the full report, “9 Social Video Trends of 2014″ for free from Unruly (registration required).

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