15 Unexpected Ways to Use Content to Drive Results

Do we ever feel like your calm selling efforts tumble flat?

It’s easy to get held in a rut. Sometimes weeks or months will go by though feeling like you’re creation any vital gains. It’s frustrating, no matter how prolonged you’ve operative with calm marketing.

But we consider it’s critical to remember your efforts aren’t indispensably unwell usually since your call-to-action doesn’t modify double digits. In fact, if we welcome a existence that removing a certain ROI isn’t usually about a CTA, we competence comprehend you’re not in a rut after all.

Content drives formula in many ways.

In many cases, intelligent analysts can quantitatively lane success of your calm pieces. But other times, formula come from a underlying movement you’ve been building for months. These astonishing ways to expostulate formula mostly outperform a elementary selling metrics we adhere to on a daily basis.

It’s usually a matter of eagerness to deposit in a unexpected. Once we do that, your altogether calm selling formula will skyrocket.

1. Become a Hub of Knowledge Through In-Depth Content

When finished well, in-depth calm educates your business in a profitable way. It goes low into a theme and provides a reader with countless examples, statistics, and research.

By focusing on this form of content, not usually will we be means to offer value to your tide readers, you’ll expected benefit new ones as well.

In a universe full of brief blogs and Buzzfeed-style posts, many businesses see good formula by creating in-depth content.

The Result: Attract your competitors’ business by providing a incomparable abyss of knowledge.

2. Reach Customers on a Personal Level With Audio

Tons of people listen to podcasts. In fact, according to Maximize Social Business, an estimated 46 million Americans over a age of 12 listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. It’s now one of a many renouned forms of audio calm out there.

Personally, I’ve beheld that when we listen to a podcast regularly, we unequivocally feel a tie with a podcaster.

Think about it: Who do we routinely go to a gym with or take a highway outing with? A friend. Investing in calm that creates this same feeling competence be usually a thing we need to build a deeper connection.

The Result: Forge a closer tie regulating audio files in sequence to settle a trust that fuels destiny purchases.

3. Use Video Replies to Deeply Connect 1-on-1

Hat tip to Gary Vaynerchuk for this good tip:

15 Unexpected Ways to Use Content to Drive Results

It’s a elementary tactic that takes usually a few seconds of additional effort. Instead of responding to @mentions in a customary calm tweet, use Twitter’s video feature. This is a good approach to expostulate rendezvous and get your feet soppy with video calm during a same time.

The Result: Win business for life by holding a few seconds to respond in a some-more insinuate way.

4. Don’t Underestimate a Power of Consistency

Sometimes we consider gripping a unchanging report is one of a many absolute aspects of any calm selling effort. Publishing on a unchanging basement brings approach results that impact your company’s bottom line.

I’m saying many people in a space blink a energy of consistency. Yes, something as clearly tiny as adhering to a report can—and will—drive results.

The Result: When prospects know what to expect, they start expecting your subsequent move. And when they’re examination we and watchful for what you’ll do next, they turn distant some-more expected to eventually convert.

5. Implement Content in All Aspects of Business

Content selling happened prolonged before it warranted a central moniker a internet. Whether we comprehend it or not, content affects any aspect of a business. And with that in mind, it’s transparent that we should actively strategize a doing opposite any aspect of your business.

From your brand’s tagline to product descriptions to brochures to blog posts, it’s all a partial of your altogether content strategy. Keep it consistent, on aim and useful in all we do.

The Result: A well-rounded, educational summary for any step in a sales cycle.

6. Land More Speaking Engagements With Video

Video is picking adult movement and apropos a outrageous actor in a digital selling realm. And it’s time to start holding advantage of it.

I consider many get impressed by a thought of video. But we can use it to expostulate conversions, recognition and engagement.

If we ever do any open speaking, start capturing your talks on video. It’s a good approach to fill adult your YouTube channel, and we can use a video as a tilt of your work to land even improved vocalization gigs.

The Result: Increase your attention management by vocalization in front of vast audiences.

7. Expand Your Brand as a Podcast Guest

I already mentioned using your possess podcast, though don’t forget that we can precedence others’ audio sessions as well. Pitch your summary to podcast owners and try to land spots as a guest. Remember, many podcasters rest on interviews to keep their uncover going.

When we land an interview, go above and over for a show’s audience. we like to emanate a tiny disdainful giveaway to offer a listeners. Throw adult a good alighting page for a giveaway and use it as an event to build your email list.

The Result: Tap into intensity new business by leveraging someone else’s audience.

Oh, and pro tip? This one works usually as good with webinars.

8. Repurpose Content to Reach Your Audience on Every Medium

Each and any square of calm we emanate can be repurposed for a opposite medium.

Not everybody will review your blog post. But they competence watch a brief video or perspective a slideshow. Find artistic ways to repurpose your content and strech out on opposite platforms.

The Result: Reach business on a height they use so your calm doesn’t go unnoticed.

9. Create Awareness Through Familiar Branding

Content isn’t usually difference on a page. It’s all we publish, including:

  • Written words
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Graphics

When we use a accumulation of media types, it’s critical to keep your branding consistent. If you’re posting on a accumulation of platforms, gripping things unchanging builds familiarity. And when your code feels familiar, people will remember it.

The Result: People start to notice your code outward a context of your calm channels.

10. Leverage Partnerships With Peers in Other Industries

I’m a large fan of building partnerships with others in identical fields, as anticipating a interrelated business owners to work with can open a doorway for a outrageous array of destiny calm opportunities.

Things like webinars and box studies are good ways to cross-promote calm with another brand. You’re assisting out a other business by offering good calm to their audience, while also earning a event to share your summary with that organisation of people.

The Result: Spread a word about your code while adding value to your peers.

11. Display Unique Messages Based on Behavior

You’ll be vacant by a formula we can beget with a bit of dynamic content. It’s a elementary concept: arrangement singular messages formed on information like location, behavior, and merger source.

There’s plenty of program available to assistance we with this process. Get it setup, emanate your calm variations and suffer a increasing impact that it brings.

The Result: Drive rendezvous by delivering a right summary during usually a right time.

12. Deliver Content Upgrades for Each Blog Post

Sometimes we need to take your CTA a bit serve by giving additional value. Consider doing so by charity a unique calm upgrade for any post we tell – usually like a Backlinko blog did in a post graphic below:

15 Unexpected Ways to Use Content to Drive Results

It’s an easy approach to radically grow your email list. You’ll need to put in a bit of additional effort, though a formula will be good value it.

The Result: Build your email list and yield combined value to your assembly members.

13. Find Ways to Entertain Your Audience

We live in a universe that thrives on entertainment. If we can emanate calm that creates your assembly laugh, we can ascend your expansion in no time.

Remember how Dollar Shave Club entertained us all and gained 12,000 business in 48 hours?

The Result: Accelerate your expansion by anticipating your brand’s party value.

14. Answer Common Questions That Arise

Customers will have questions during several points in a sales cycle. It’s your pursuit to code those questions and answer them before they even have to ask.

While FAQ pages still work, find other artistic ways to answer questions. Create a array of in-depth blog posts, afterwards accumulate a links together on a mega-resource page. Use snippets from your blog to post answers to amicable media. Repurpose a FAQs into a slideshow and share on SlideShare. Get a answers out there as most as possible.

Answering common questions offsite has a combined advantage of positioning we and your code as an expert. Take a demeanour next during how Ryan Hanley uses Quora to answer a user’s doubt while concurrently demonstrating his possess management on a subject:

15 Unexpected Ways to Use Content to Drive Results

There are lots of ways to use this plan effectively. The critical thing is to get out there and start answering.

The Result: Cut down on your patron use needs by responding questions before they’re asked.

15. Venture Into New Content Marketing Territory

New calm platforms cocktail adult all a time; as a business owner, you’ve got to burst into these up-and-coming channels as fast as possible.

Don’t wait until they’re extravagantly renouned to burst on a bandwagon. Beat everybody there and start building an assembly with a early adopters.

Take Spotify, one of a initial brands to dive into Periscope marketing. According to Josh Karph, Spotify’s Global Director of Social Marketing:

“We had 380 or so live viewers and about 1,500 hearts on a stream. On a replay we had another 200 or so. We’re still looking during how a replay streams work and how fast they get updated, though it looks like a sum is about 450 or 500 people who noticed it.”

That’s outrageous for a new platform. But it doesn’t stop there. Imagine how most incomparable of an assembly we could have had if we started rocking Twitter in 2008. 

The Result: Make an impact in a swarming marketplace by being a initial to dive into an uncrowded channel.

Everything we do in calm selling can – and should – tie to a discernible business result. We competence not have a program to lane all yet, though that doesn’t meant we shouldn’t keep this critical element in mind.

Remember, selling has usually recently gifted such a pull towards quantifiable results. For years, businesses thrived on promotion strategy they couldn’t measure. The same binds loyal in today’s universe of analytics and measurement. Sometimes an investment in a astonishing methods can move we some-more formula than normal tactics.

Are we peaceful to take a jump and dive into a deeper area of calm marketing?


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