Video marketing is one of the biggest content marketing trends of the last several years. The growth of video sharing via social media and increased bandwidth allows your legal firm to really start diving into the video marketing space. So here are twelve statistics that show just why you should be using video marketing.

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  1. Posting video to social media can generate 1200% more shares than sharing text and images combined.
  2. By using video your legal firm can increase web traffic from search engines by 41% over businesses that don’t use video.
  3. On the down side 62% of users are likely to build a negative perception of a firm that publishes poor quality videos.
  4. Using videos on your landing pages can increase conversion rate by a whopping 80% and videos on your homepage can increase conversions by 20%.
  5. Legal firms using video can grow company revenue 49% quicker year-on-year over businesses without videos.
  6. Using native video uploads on Facebook for your legal firm’s videos, over simply sharing YouTube links can increase your video’s reach by tenfold.
  7. 70% of content marketers claim that video content produces more conversions than any other form of content.
  8. Using video can increase your legal firm’s organic search traffic by 157%, with 62% of all Google searches including videos.
  9. The average conversion rate for a website using video content is 4.8% compared to a conversion rate of 2.9% for non-video using websites.
  10. YouTube as a social platform is 11.3 times bigger than Facebook in terms of user time spent on the web and in-app.
  11. In the millennial age bracket 74% find videos helpful when making a decision about a service and 60% prefer to watch a video over reading content.
  12. In a similar vein, four times as many people, of any age, would prefer to watch a video about a service or product rather than read about it.

So there you have it, twelve powerful statistics that show why exactly your legal firm should be using video content in your marketing campaigns. For more visual marketing ideas why not check out this fantastic blog which gives you four free tools that you can use to help you generate more visual content.

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