100Plus creates video game-themed race with drones

100Plus has created a race, pitting runners against drones in a race that will take place tomorrow.

Called The 100PLUS Race Against the Machines, the event will be held in Putrajaya tomorrow. The event is created to look like a real life video game.

Created by integrated agency Mitosis, its participants will have to dodge, hide from and outrace airborne drones set loose to “hunt” them. The event is also set at night.

Runners will be given a barcode instead of race numbers for their race bibs and  three “Lives”.

The objective is to cross the finish line with at least one “Life”, just like in a video game. They will have four drones chasing them, and each drone comes with searchlights and high definition video cameras, with six electrically powered propellers for acceleration up to 57km/h.

Runners who get their barcodes scanned are considered “captured” during the race and will “lose a life”. Those that also manage to hold on to the 100PLUS New Grip Bottle will also get a bonus life.

This is one of three race events in 100Plus’ Outrunner campaign. The other two will be in the 9km and 12km segments.

All three events will be started from the Palace of Justice precinct, where a carnival will be held for the day. 3000 participants are expected at the event.

Consumers were also able to operate the cameras on the drones from the comfort of their homes, as “Drone Masters”. They have 25 shots to fire from the bot cameras, taking clear shots of the runners barcodes. Prizes will be given away for top winners and Drone Masters.

Leong Wai Yin, marketing manager of FN Beverage Marketing said that this is the first time the brand is hosting its own running event, as well as the first time drones were being used in a running event. She added that the brand was looking to host more such events in the future.



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