10 Surprising Facts About Millennials and Content Marketing

If we wish to successfully strech Millennials with your calm selling efforts, we have to get to know them first.

This means bargain their interests, concerns, passions, and behaviors.

If we don’t know Millennials, we can't strech out to them in ways that will accept a certain response.

In sequence to assistance yourself equivocate wasting time and bid on calm selling that will not be good perceived by Millennials, we need to learn a following 10 contribution about Millennials.

This information competence usually means we to rethink your selling strategy.

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1. Marketing to Millennials Can Be an Uphill Battle

Millennials perspective sponsored calm with a lot of doubt and they are discerning to boot it if it doesn’t accommodate their needs. They’re also not unequivocally expected to share branded calm unless they see a unequivocally constrained reason to do so. If we wish to rivet with millennials, concentration on calm that is…

  • Entertaining
  • Visual
  • Brief
  • Personal
  • Original
  • Educational/Informative

This is a era that will reject a tough sell, and that will widespread a word fast if they trust a claims we make in your calm are fake or overblown. However, if we can make a tie with millennials, they are an unusually constant patron bottom and they will assistance your calm go viral if they find it to be compelling.

2. Millennials Have a Fear of Missing Out – Especially Women

Fear of blank out (FOMO) is a reason that members of Generation Y are constantly checking into amicable media. They are fearful that they will skip out on news and events that come light while they are disconnected. Members of all genders have fear of blank out, however, women in sold feel a need to record into their amicable media accounts some-more mostly during a given day than men. You can use FOMO in your selling efforts by creation millennials feel as if they will be blank out if they omit your calm or CTA.

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3. Social Issues Are Important to Generation Y and That Shows in Their Spending

Millennials wish to do business with companies that are socially conscious. If we share a good that we do in your calm or use your calm to pull courtesy to a causes millennials caring about, we are some-more expected to connect. Of course, socially unwavering marketing is some-more than a causes your classification supports. Millennials wish to know what your lane record is as an organization. This includes:

  • How sincerely we recompense employees
  • Your environmental lane record
  • The amicable and domestic views of your executives

4. They Do an Extraordinary Amount of Research Before Making a Purchasing Decision

When millennials are meddlesome in creation a purchase, they do a lot of investigate when compared to prior generations. They will find feedback from friends and family members, though they will also demeanour to online reviews.

In fact, they see user generated calm as a some-more arguable source of information on products and services than a calm that is generated by businesses. It is critical to note that a infancy of this investigate is finished regulating mobile devices.

5. It Is a Misstep to Ignore a Diversity Within This Generation

If we buy into a stereotype, we competence see millennials as a ‘selfie generation’; self-involved and endangered about appearances, and simply manipulated by trends. You’re also totally off base. Members of Generation Y operation from teenagers and college students to married couples who have kids and possess homes.

It is so critical to remember that when we are writing calm for millennials, that we know who they are. Even better, we should cruise either or not we should be targeting a specific subset of a millennial era rather than a era as a whole.

6. They Have Money to Spend

A vast series of millennials are homeowners who are good determined in their careers. They spend income on travel, entertainment, electronics, automobiles, and other high labelled items.

In fact, millennials reason about 1.4 trillion dollars  in spending power. An considerable apportionment of this income will be spent online.

7. They Are Visual Consumers

Millennials are some-more expected to perspective calm that is visible in inlet than text-only content. They are also some-more expected to share visible calm with others. This is generally loyal with video. Millennials will not usually perspective and share video, they are some-more expected to trust that calm than any other form of content. It is critical to remember, however, that a same caveats request to video calm as it does with other forms of content. Video calm that is all sales representation won’t benefit any traction.

8. You May Not Be Reaching Them on a Right Social Media Sites

Millennials are spending reduction time on Facebook and some-more time on Instagram and on Tumblr. They’re also communicating with friends, family members, and even celebrities regulating apps like SnapChat. Creating a participation where millennials are is a good initial step in removing them to engage.

9. Millennials are Attracted to Interactive Content

Quizzes, polls, surveys, and interactive infographics are all examples of interactive content. They need submit from a reader and afterwards provides a user with feedback formed on their responses. One of a many renouned forms of interactive calm are a quizzes that are frequently common on Facebook and other amicable media pages. Interactive calm mostly goes viral fast among millennials.

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10. They Are Multi-Device Consumers

In a singular day, a member of era Y competence perspective your calm on their smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Not usually does this meant that your calm contingency be optimized for all devices, it also means that we contingency know a common behaviors of millennials as they use any device.

For example, many millennials use mobile inclination to check adult on amicable media, while they use incomparable inclination to review articles. Millennials are also some-more expected to be on mobile inclination during a day and during invert times, and on tablets and desktops in a evenings.

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